Onya Innovations UK Ltd

Ethical Policy


We believe that all trade should be politically, socially and environmentally responsible.

All aims of our venture are guided by the principles of mutual respect, justice and partnership.

We aspire to work to:

  • Promote ethical trade practices. We ensure individual workers receive fair wages and favourable conditions. We aim to sustain long-term relationships with our producers and suppliers, emphasizing the importance of fair conditions and a fair wage for all the people and workers involved.
  • Create ecological solutions to help the development of a more environmentally responsible public attitude. We make products that inspire behavioural change away from our disposable culture, to create a more sustainable future.
  • Promote and develop economic activities and methods with an ecological mindset; covering areas from creation and production to retailing and distribution (including packaging and distribution as well as post-consumer activity - recycling and “safe waste”).
  • Good office procedures – we run a paperless office where possible and all paper sourced is either 100% recycled or certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).  We use of vegetable inks where possible.
  • Develop products and materials that are durable, reusable and work to reduce environmental impacts.
  • Maintain an open and honest pricing structure, with benefits for not profit organisation, schools and charities. All prices have a fixed and responsible structure - cutting corners and cost has impact for the future.


We understand that this is our vision, and fully accept that some factors may be out of our control. However, where possible we look to take a holistic overview and aim to do what we believe is right. We always try and make the best decisions we can. Striving towards this vision is a key aim of Onya Bags UK.

We also hope that as the business develops we are able to review and build on this policy.