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Our Story

Welcome to Onya Innovations website

Onya Bags was born in 2004 in sunny Western “ Good on ya, mate!” Australia. Jon Brousson (Onya’s British inventor) started selling the bags at the Fremantle Markets.  Realizing that the need for reusable bags might not be confined to down under, a year later his big brother, Dan, set up a stall at Greenwich Market, London. 

But really our story begins way before that.  Much like you, we imagine, we’d long been frustrated at the amount of waste in our society and alarmed at the impact it was having on our natural world. Yet we weren’t all that impressed with the solutions available to reduce that waste, especially the bulky re-usable shopping bags that we’d always seem to forget, or would rather not have to lug around, however well intended we were.

What we wanted was a bag that was reusable, convenient and cool.  So Jon made it is mission to make one.  We’d like to think he succeeded in that mission: to date we have sold 850, 000 bags worldwide, and with every Onya bag replacing 1000 plastic bags – that’s a whole-lot of re-using!

Over the last nine years, Onya has grown – we now stock a whole range of reusable bags, bottles, sandwich wrappers and coffee cups amongst other green goodies. Onya doesn’t want just to tussle with the pointless plastic carrier – we want to challenge our disposable culture as a whole. So alongside our bags (all made from rPET) we sell:

H2Onya, a super-safe stainless steel water bottle
Onya Lunch, a reusable alternative to cling-film or tin-foil to wrap your sarnies
People Towels, reusable hand towels to put paid to disposable towels and hand-dryers
BYOcup, a reusable coffee cup for use at the office, in the car or at your local independent cafe.
Charcoal People , is Bamboo Charcoal which filters your tap water naturally and sustainably

Onya Bags UK HQ is based in Suffolk, where Dan lives with his family.
HQ is supplied by Good Energy which is 100% renewable electricity – created from wind, water and sunlight.

 All of us at Onya Bags UK work from our own home offices – so no smoggy commuting except by foot from one room to another! We try to operate a paperless office system but any paper we do use is 100% recycled unbleached and we always re-use it if we can. All commissioned printing is done on 100% recycled paper and using vegetable inks.
We use Royal Mail for all our mail order deliveries because it is an existing delivery network. We’d rather not use a duplicating delivery system, so that we can keep our carbon footprint smaller.
Since starting Onya, we have been members of ethically audited online green directories,
Ethical Junction
One Green Earth
Green Finder

If you’d like to know more, please give me (Dan) a call and I’d be delighted to have a chat!


Dan and The Onya Gang

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