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Today we are more aware than ever of the resources we use and the footprint/waste we leave behind.

Right now we are amidst a time of massive innovation in how and what to do with our waste. Through seizing on the great technology that’s become available we are able to turn our former trash to treasure Did you ever wonder where your recycled drink bottles go? Those drink bottles you throw into the recycling are PET bottles. That is Polyethylene Terephthalate – (number one in the recycling symbol). Thrown away in such massive volume, it’s good to know that we can actually make masses of new stuff from them. This is exactly what is beginning to happen and we here at Onya are making use of this brilliant process.

Post consumer bottles are collected from recycling plants, cleaned, sorted and crushed into tiny flakes. Heated to melting point and extruded to create yarn in the same manner as virgin materials. From this yarn comes the fabric that makes your Onya Bags.

Making bags from recycled PET (rPET) significantly reduces the amount of plastic that is otherwise buried in landfill, takes less energy and resources than using virgin materials and begins to decrease our reliance on expensive and scarce oil.

Now you can proudly have a great, long lasting bag that has it’s origins in a single use plastic drink bottle.

We hope many new intelligently produced products are realised in the future, changing the culture of how we consume and closing the loop on our use of resources.

It’s up to you – if you’re struggling to find your favourite products made from recycled materials, contact the supplier and encourage them to make the products you want..